Interview with Karen Scurlock

We introduced Karen and Karakusevic Carson Architects over 9 years ago, today she is an Associate Director.

How do we make matches that are so long standing? Karen looks back on how Tamsyn helped her…

“I signed up to Place as it was clear they were the best agency for architectural work, and had great contacts within the industry – you could just see that by the placements they were making. Very design-led and streets ahead of anyone else in recruitment at the time. I was prepared to wait for the right job to come along and Tamsyn immediately understood that. Skills and experience are obviously important but there is a human factor which she gets absolutely, and her warmth and support were a critical factor in helping me find the right office – that perfect fit that goes beyond the bare bones of your CV and really cuts to the core of who you are and how you tick.”

Karen Scurlock of Karakusevic Carson Architects gives her best career advice:

“When work is such a central part of your life it’s really important to be happy both with what you are doing, and who you are doing it with. What you are looking for and need out of a job changes throughout the course of your career, and it’s important to recognise that.”

“I have recommended Place to everyone – whether it’s friends looking for work or colleagues looking to move on.”

“My key advice to candidates is to be clear about your priorities but don’t be too rigid – if it feels right go for it.”