Tamsyn was invited to speak at the ‘Visible Leaders’ Event, hosted by Coaches on the Couch.

“We’ve seen people do some amazing things during this last year and we have all learnt a lot. Before the Pandemic it was hard sometimes to see the wood for the trees. There was always so much going on, and the pace was so fast. But we’ve had an opportunity to take stock and explore ideas for the future.

Strong, and visible, leaders have been listening both to the market and to their people. As a result, I think they will be better by the end of this; more streamlined, more in tune with their people. This may mean that there will be less movement of people, as they will stay where they feel they are learning and being developed.

Our industry is incredibly resilient. I am happy to say that we are already seeing a bounce-back, with practices feeling more optimistic about the longer-term outlook. I hope this includes a return to the studio. We are a sociable industry and we have all missed each other. I’m looking forward to a better and more positive year and I think that’s on the cards.”